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1. The fit across the shoulders needs to be neat and natural. The sleeve or arm should fall from the tip of the shoulder edge to the wrist. Too wide on the shoulder and you look out of proportion; too short and it will pinch and sit up high on your shoulder making you look squished.

2. The trouser conventionally comes in a medium break (where the pants fall on your shoes). To avoid clumsy bunching, a slim trouser leg should finish just on the shoe, without covering your laces. A shorter breaker is very on trend at the moment for a cropped, straight-legged look, while a longer breaker is super traditional for corporate environments.

3. The length of the jacket should finish no longer than mid-way down, and no shorter than the top of your backside. Too long and it becomes more of a sports coat; too short and it becomes feminine.

4. Sleeve length should finish between nine centimetres above the knuckle of the thumb. Give it another two centimetres you're wearing cufflinks or a nice a patterned shirt where you want to show of the cuff.

Don't be afraid to mix patterns and colors within the same color scheme.

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The three-piece suit is the most traditional. It's a great formal choice and creates superb layering opportunities for winter, with a classy waistcoat. Take your jacket off and a tailored look remains.

The plaid suit or check suit was once seen too preppy and casual. Today, it has made a

resurgence as a work-ready piece and standout party-goer. Darker wool hues are great for more formal occasions and winter; while pops of bright colour are designed for summer and the more Dandy at heart.

The blue suit is the new black suit for men. The darkness of the hue in navy is perfect office attire, while a cobalt or electric blue provides a playful look for any off-duty activities; be it a wedding or some dapper fun on the weekend.

The double-breasted suit once spoke of the power '80s, but has been revived. Lean men thrive on this style as it adds width to your frame with the double layering of fabric. Go for a peaked lapel to match the classy buttons.

The dinner suit is perfect black-tie attire with a bow tie. Velvet fabrics and satin or pony hair lapels sex-up this classic look, and don't be shy of mixing – even contrasting the colour of pants and jacket or the lapel colour against the coat.

The grey suit is neutrally-hued staple for any gent. Work lighter marl and pastel shades for summer; while darker greys and charcoals are perfect for the winter months.

The pinstripe suit is a must for broader men. The wider the gap between each stripe the more casual and pyjama-looking the pattern becomes, however. Stick to subtle, tonal-coloured stripes that are relatively thin for a standout business suit.

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